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Block n Roll - Block to perfection, store with ease.

Let Block n Roll make your beautiful projects look even better. The generous surface area of Block n Roll can accommodate projects of many sizes for knitting, crochet, quilting, sewing, needlepoint, cross stitch, and/or scrapbooking. Projects may be pinned directly onto the surface of the mat. The 20mm X 20mm grid is very useful in lining up and keeping straight edges, hems and seams.

The surface is heat and water resistant. This allows for steam, wet blocking and pressing. For best results, let your project remain on the mat until it is dry. While Block n Roll is safe to use on most surfaces, it is advised to test a small area before proceeding with your project, especially if using pins. Block n Roll is not to be used as a cutting mat.

Before storing, make sure Block n Roll is completely dry. Starting at the end of the mat that has no fabric ties, begin rolling with the grid pattern on the outside, like a jellyroll. Once the mat is rolled, take one set of ties around the roll, each tie in an opposite direction and make an overhand knot to secure in place. Repeat with the ties at the other end of the mat. Store Block n Roll in a dry place. Due to its rolled up size, it should be easy to find a place to store Block n Roll so it will be readily available when you need it again.

New Dimensions: 38" W x 55" L opened flat. Rolled size: 38" L x 6" diameter.

Material Content: head and water resistant coated fabric laminated to fire retardant 8mm foam