Flame Pedestal Button

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Flame Pedestal Buttons

Stainless Steel with plastic backing

Available in 1 inch and 1.5 inch diameters

The motif on these wonderful new stainless steel pedestal buttons is reminiscent of the air-brushed designs on the cabs of snazzy 18-wheelers I used to see in the 1970s. Sometimes I still see them around on the highway but not as often as in the past. This retro design is a fabulous complement to indie handpaints that evoke the same sense of dynamic color fades and striations.

Like the other pedestal buttons in the JUL line, these screw-in buttons may function as conventional buttons or be used where no buttonholes were planned. They can be used to cinch accessories, close cardigans, or to baste together the sculptural form of a scarf wrapped to form a dramatic collar (see Dense Furrow in the Topographie Series).

For semi-permanent application, put a tiny drop of clear nail polish in the threaded cylinder before placing the backing and screwing in the screw. This will keep the screw firmly in place during use but will still allow it to be unscrewed when you want to (re)move the button from your knitwear.
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