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Gleener® is the only depiller on the market that has 3 detachable, fabric-sensitive edges, so you always have the right tool for the job. Each edge is designed to tackle a different size of fuzzball, which generally are determined by the kind of fiber. Heavy wools produce large pills, fine cashmeres produce smaller pills. But each fiber — and in fact each pill! — is unique.

When determining which edge to use for your garment, these suggestions should be used as a guideline. Begin with the edge recommended for a given fiber, and if you are not getting the desired results — try a different edge!

Edge 1
Heavy duty Edge 1 is for large, bulky pills. It is best for use on wools and wool/synthetic blends.

Edge 2
For medium-to-large pills. It is best for use on 100% synthetics and blends, such as acrylic, rayon, polyester and fleece; natural fibers such as cotton, cashmere and merino wools.

Edge 3:
Fine, delicate pills and fabrics should only be Gleened with Edge 3. It is best for use on silk blends, fine cotton, natural and synthetic blends with elastane, viscose/rayon, nylon and Spandex™. For best results, always use Edge #3 on an ironing board.

The Lint Brush: 2 Products in 1
Everybody has owned at least one lint brush in their lives. . . but you can never seem to find one when you need it! Our lint brush is conveniently attached to the Gleener® handle, so it is always right where you need it. Use it on all garments and furniture to get rid of pet hair and lint, or use it to finish any Gleening job in order to leave it looking as good as new. And this lint brush really works!