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Building In Color Club:
Members Only Club

Club Meetings are held for 1.5 hours every month at YBD.

Building in Color is the newest book from renowned knitter and teacher, Michelle Hunter. It is a carefully designed sequence of patterns that introduce knitters to color work in many of its various forms. This work follows the same format as Michelle’s earlier book, Building Blocks, and though it is the logical next step in a knitter’s educational arsenal, it can also be used as a stand-alone series of patterns that result in a beautiful finished blanket.

Work through the major knitting skills while creating 10 lovely panels. Master each technique before moving to a more advanced concept in a carefully designed sequence. Gain an abundance of knitting know-how along with 10 panels to assemble into a sampler afghan.

The class follows the book by Michelle Hunter (

Members will receive 20% off the cost of the yarn (Simplicity by HiKoo, 24 skeins total).

Club Membership is $240 for 12 months (January - December). Pre-registration is required, space is limited.