Large Bento Bag

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USE: Ambatalia bento’s are a great household staple for someone that wants to eliminate single use disposables from their lives. Great for buying grains, pastas, nuts and produce or using as a lunch and snack bag . You can also use as a bread bag for the table, cosmetic, travel, or project bag. Best to keep a few in your bag, car and home for easy use.

HOW TO USE: This bag is like a bucket with two points that tie together. Fill contents and tie the points together either once for easy access or twice to secure contents and carry by holding knot.

SIZES: Comes in three sizes: Small, medium and large

Large bento measures 13.25" X 7" 16" hieght


Grey, red, and brown ticking are made from a 8oz. 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton blend.

Nordic blue is made from a 6oz 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton blend.

Natural linen is made from a 5.3 oz. 100% unprocessed natural linen.

CARE: We always recommend cold water wash and line dry for the environment and fabric longevity. It's okay to use warm water and low heat tumble dry.

Manufactured in California