Paper Crane

Product Code: PAT-DSF-PaperCrane

Brand: Assemblage

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A modern handknitted garment made from an age old fibre.

The back and front of this garment are knitted as one piece with a perpendicular grain transition at the bust. This clever detail creates a flattering bustline for all body types with an interesting neck detail that rolls and reveals the contrasting garter stitch. The sleeves are sewn to align with the bust seam and a single button is used to complete this garment.

Please note, as this piece was designed for linen, the sizing tends to smaller should you choose to knit it using another yarn.

The gauge listed in the pattern is for UNWASHED SWATCH.

Raw, unwashed sample:
26 - 28st + 44-6 rows / 10cm

Washed Sample:
32-33st + 42-44 rows/10cm

Sizes: Thirteen Sizes provided in the pattern.

Habu A-11 Kakishibu Cotton Viscose
Habu A-145 Sumi Cotton Tegasuri
Habu A-174 Cotton Gima
Habu XS-14 Bamboo

This yarn is sold by Habu in 3.5oz hanks/skeins - please take this into consideration when ordering your yarn.

Skill Level: Intermediate