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  • SATURDAY, May 6th from 10:30-1:30pm with Vanessa Picard


 Knitting Your First Sock

© yarns by design


Does the thought of lugging a heavy woolen sweater around town in your knitting bag this summer make you cringe? Yup. We’ve all been there. It’s one of the many (hundreds at last count actually) reasons why we adore knitting socks.  They are light, portable, and can be knit for any season.  In fact, knitting socks is so much fun, Yarns By Design is launching a new club just for sock enthusiasts.  More on that later.  There is one prerequisite for the sock club: You must have completed at least one sock. Once.  Sometime.  Preferably not in a past life.

The great news is that this class fulfills not only your lifelong dream of knitting a sock (or maybe even two); it also fulfills that pesky sock club prerequisite.  
Using their preferred method for knitting in the round (Magic Loop, DPNs, or two circular needles), students will tackle either the very popular Veronica Van Slipper Sock pattern available on Ravelry or Vanessa’s own beginning sock pattern that will probably fit no one you know, but makes a snazzy alternative to a bow on your next handmade gift to someone very lucky to know a generous knitter like you.

    • knitting a heel flap
    • turning a heel
    • picking up the gusset stitches
    • decreasing the gusset


    • knitting in the round

Cost: $35/ 1 group class, pre-registration is required.



  • SATURDAY, May 27th from 10:30-12:00pm with Vanessa Picard

There’s a sequel to everything these days, and sock knitting classes are no different.  But unlike that terrible movie you’ll never admit you saw twice in the theatre (your secret is safe with us), this class is worth your time.  If the thought of using Kitchener stitch to close your sock toe keeps you up at night or if you have gotten lost along the way, Knitting Your First Sock (part 2) is here to help you finish that sock.  We know you can do it!

    • kitchener stitch
    • individual review of anything from part 1 causing lost sleep or an increase in any chocolate consumption habits.

Cost: $20 for 1 group class, pre-registration is required.


  • SATURDAY, May 20th from 12:00-1:30pm with Joanna Elsas


 Braided Necklace

© briony singleton design


Practice making an icord while creating this classy braided necklace. This easy knit makes a great summer accessory and is a quick project for last minute gifts.


    • approx 50 grams DK yarn to be held double
    • double pointed needles size US 9 (5.5mm)


Cost: $20/ 1 group class, pre-registration is required.




  • THURSDAY 6:00-8:00 pm with Edye, classes are held the second Thursday of the month
  • SATURDAY 12:00-2:00 pm with Edye, classes are held the first and third Saturday of the month

Interested in knitting? Here is a beginner course just for you. Not only is this class great for the newbies, but perfect for someone who needs a refresher. Throughout the two-hour class, you will learn basic knitting stitches and techniques while working on a swatch or individual project, preparing you for more challenging patterns.

Cost: $25/ 1 group class or $45/ 1 private class.


  • THURSDAY 6:00-8:00pm with Edye, classes are held the third Thursday of the month
  • SATURDAY 2:00-4:00pm with Edye, classes are held the first and third Saturday of the month

For knitters who have tried scarves and other fairly easy projects, here is your opportunity to advance your level of knitting.  We are offering an intermediate class that will focus on additional techniques.  Knowing these techniques will enable a beginner knitter or even a "returning" knitter to try projects that are 'show stoppers’!

Cost: $25/ 1 group class or $45/ 1 private class.


  • SATURDAY 12:00-2:00pm with Tammy (beginning), classes are held on the second week of the month
  • SATURDAY 2:00-4:00pm with Tammy (intermediate), classes are held on the second week of the month

(Beginning Crochet I): A 2 hour introductory class designed to learn about the crochet tools used, preparing your yarn,  the basic crochet stitches and finishing techniques following the Churchmouse Crochet Companion booklet (available for purchase).    

(Beginning Crochet II): Once you have learned the basics this 2 hour class is designed to help you  conquer your first project.  Select one of the available three simple project patterns from the Churchmouse  series: Beanie & Cowl, Handwarmers 1 stitch 3 ways, Sampler Scarf & Handwarmers (available for purchase) or one of your own. 

(INTERMEDIATE) Skills taught: Increasing, Decreasing, Joining yarns and working with color, Two methods of crocheting in the round (chain and magic loop). Skills Needed:  Must be comfortable with basic crochet skills (foundation chain, slip stitch, single crochet, and double crochet).

Cost: $25/ 1 group class or $45/ 1 private class.


These informal circles are a quick way to get help on your project. Why continue to waste time by ripping out and getting frustrated with your project? Whether you are stuck or want to make certain you get started correctly, our staff is here to help. Circle maximum is six (6) students. Students must already know the basics to knit and crochet. This is NOT a beginning knit/crochet class - a help session only. Pre-Registration is required.
Cost: $20 per session / $100 for a card of 10 prepaid Circle hours.


CHILDREN Knitting/Crochet: 1 hour

Kids can knit/crochet, too! Meet new friends and learn the basic stitches and how to begin and finish. Homeschoolers and children 6-12 years (tying their shoes) welcome!

Cost: $15/ 1 group class or $25/ 1 private class. 


In the 1980s, Elizabeth Zimmermann publicized continental knitting which helped its resurgence. During this one-session class, you will learn the knit and purl stitch while holding the working yarn in your left hand and discuss easy beginner projects. This method allows for a smooth and fast knitting. Two types of cast on, Long-Tail and Cable, will be taught.

Cost: $25/ 1 group class or $45/ 1 private class.


This 1.5-hour finishing class will cover three techniques. They are invisible seaming, 3 needle bind off and duplicate stitching.

Cost: $25/ 1 group class or $45/ 1 private class.


Needle felting is another very creative outlet for fiber artists. The student will learn the proper way to use the felting needles to felt wool roving into a 3-D animal. The basic shapes including rolls or tubes, balls, folds and cones will be demonstrated.

Cost: $25/ 1 group class or $45/ 1 private class.


This class will discuss commonly used symbols & help translate patterns into simple words, removing the intimidation factor from the project you’d like to begin.

Cost: $25/ 1 group class or $45/ 1 private class.


PRIVATE OR GROUP PARTY: weekdays, weekends or evenings by appointment

At YBD we offer private, one-on-one lessons. Whether you are Interested in a class but the day and time does not work with your schedule. Or, you need some focused, one-on-one time with one of our experienced teachers. Contact YBD and let us arrange your own private class with one of our skillful teachers. Private: $25/1.0 hour, $35/1.5 hours and $45/2.0 hours.

Want to do something different and creative with your friends? Why not host a knit or crochet party at the YBD boutique or your home? An experienced teacher from YBD will come to you. Contact the boutique for details. Two-week advance notice and non-refunable deposit of $60 is required at booking. From 4-10 people, cost: $60/ hour plus cost of materials.


REGISTRATION: All classes must be pre-registered and paid in full at least 72 hours in advance. Class fees do not include the cost of yarn, which must be purchased at YBD. Please do not bring in supplies from other retailers, everything you need is available at the YBD boutique. Students registered for a class will receive a 10% discount on supplies needed for that class.

CLASS MINIMUMS: Private = 1 student, Group = 2 or more.

CANCELLATIONS: Registrants may cancel up to 24 hours before the scheduled class (via email:, subject: class cancellation) and have two (2) months to reschedule. All late cancellations result in a forfeit of the scheduled class. If YBD must cancel a class, we will either reschedule the class or issue a refund.

PROMPTNESS: We do not make up any time lost for tardiness, please arrive promptly. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you forfeit the class and fees. If you need to purchase materials on the day of the class, please arrive early to shop before the scheduled class time.

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