Beginning Knit ClassSANDRA DONATELLI is an avid knitter whom also enjoys to crochet and sew. She has been instructing dance to children through adult ages for over forty years at her dance studios and receives the same fulfillment when working with knitting and crochet students. 

JOANNA ELSAS almost always has a knitting project with her.  Whether she's waiting for a table at a restaurant or watching her kids play in the waves at the beach, she'll be getting a few stitches in. Projects knit 'in the round' are her favorite and thinks these projects are a great place for new knitters to start. In addition to knitting, quilting, and ceramics, she loves keeping honeybees and raising three kids with her husband in Highland Park. 

TAMMY HALLER has always enjoyed the fiber arts and was introduced to the art of crocheting as a child. As an adult she has ventured into other areas of the fiber arts including wet felting, 3-D sculptural needle felting, needle felted applique, kumihimo braiding, spinning using a drop spindle and most recently knitting.

ERICA MENHART began crocheting in college for fun and has expanded her interests by learning how to knit. She feels she is knitting alot lately, but she has no preference of one over the other, she enjoys both styles. 

CAROL D. PANZA learned to knit at an early age from her mother. Although she had knit using both English and Continental techniques, her preference is to knit continental. Carol looks forward to sharing her enthusiasm for Continental knitting with new or new to continental knitters.

 VANESSA PICARD learned to knit at a beading shop in Tucson, AZ, nearly twenty years ago and while she still loves designing intricate beading projects, she is forever grateful for knitting’s calming influence in her life.  Vanessa is a working photographer, mama to two hopefully kind children, and an avid hiker and explorer at heart.  She loves all knitting, but socks are her favorite.  Vanessa has knit a pair of socks for her husband for their anniversary every year that they have been married.

 EDYE VANDYKE is a retired teacher who started to knit in college. Several years later, during the scarf craze, she resumed knitting. This gypsy-at-heart loves color, texture, linen yarn and knitting 2 piece outfits. She is a stickler for proper fit.