Building In Color Club - Year

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The Building in Color Club is a Members Only Club that will meet for 1.5 hours every month at YBD.

Work through the major knitting skills while creating 10 lovely panels. Master each technique before moving to a more advanced concept in a carefully designed sequence. Gain an abundance of knitting know-how along with 10 panels to assemble into a sampler afghan.

The class follows the book by Michelle Hunter (

Members will receive 20% off the cost of the yarn (Simplicity by HiKoo, 24 skeins total).

Club Membership is $240 for 12 months (January - December). Pre-registration is required, space is limited.


REGISTRATION: All classes must be pre-registered and paid in full at least 72 hours in advance. Class fees do not include the cost of yarn, which must be purchased at YBD. Please do not bring in supplies from other retailers, everything you need is available at the YBD boutique. Students registered for a class will receive a 10% discount on supplies needed for that class.

CLASS MINIMUMS: Private = 1 student, Group = 2 or more.

CANCELLATIONS: Registrants may cancel up to 24 hours before the scheduled class (via email:, subject: class cancellation) and have two (2) months to reschedule. All late cancellations result in a forfeit of the scheduled class. If YBD must cancel a class, we will either reschedule the class or issue a refund. Clubs are non-refundable and/or non-transferable.

PROMPTNESS: We do not make up any time lost for tardiness, please arrive promptly. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you forfeit the class and fees. If you need to purchase materials on the day of the class, please arrive early to shop before the scheduled class time.